I’m not a politician.

I’m a Calgarian, a businessman, a father, a son, a brother. I practice the values my parents taught me. I look for ways to help my neighbours, to encourage my friends, and to be a good citizen.

Over 20 years ago, I co-founded a successful employment agency called “Baldwin Staffing Group”. Remember when the “internet” was new to most households? Well, in 2001, we built the first online temporary staffing company, Officejobs.com, which earned its place on lists of Alberta’s and Canada’s fastest growing companies. We’ve placed many thousands of Calgarians, and helped employers everywhere. One of our early slogans was “For Seriously Hard Workers.” This motto still holds true today.

Through the good times and bad, I’ve never lost sight of the things that matter most: my family, my community, my integrity. And I hope when my children are grown, they have held true to my favourite piece of advice: “Don’t let fear define your decisions.”

I am married to my best friend, Deanna; together we have two wonderful children, Josh and Emma. My parents are Carole and Dermot Baldwin. I am lucky to have learned from each of them in every way.

My Mom, Carole, spent her career as a teacher in Calgary’s separate school system. To this day, our littlest ones continue to be her favourite age group. She proudly supports my dad, and all their grandkids.

My mentor is my father, Dermot. In a time when Calgary’s homeless population grew exponentially due to gentrification, he was Calgary’s fearless advocate for those who could not fight for themselves. In 2012, he was named one of the 100 Greatest Albertans of all time. He was named with such greats as William Aberhart, Paul Brandt, Harry Hays, William Roper Hull, Normie Kwong, Peter Lougheed, Preston Manning, Nellie McClung, Ann McCaig, Henry Wise Wood, W.O. Mitchell and…my dad, Dermot Baldwin. It was a proud moment for him, and all of us. Today, there is a street named after him in Calgary, where the country’s largest homeless shelter resides, on Dermot Baldwin Way.


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