50,000 New Jobs

Our city has weathered great adversity. And our municipal government has not played a role in stimulating our economy. With courage, and an entrepreneurial mindset, there is a way to regain our sense of strength, happiness, safety, and prosperity.

Over the next 4 years we will transform our city by reinventing ourselves as a world-class city of innovation, with a spirited “Eco-nomic Eco-System“. The system I propose would support, encourage, and incent Calgarians to start thousands of exciting new businesses, hire new employees, and earn new business from the City of Calgary itself. We’ll also create a consortium of other businesses who are committed to supporting the new Calgary Eco-nomic Eco-System.

Will it work? Research shows that creating new small businesses creates jobs and rebuilds economies. There are several examples of North American cities that have built powerful new economies on this philosophy: Pittsburgh, Waterloo, Boston, Denver, and of course, the Silicon Valley.

These cities first created of a district or region within their city that supports countless new start-ups, founded by its fearless and ambitious entrepreneurial citizens, the characteristics our ancestors built our city upon. Mom and pop shops, consulting services, inventors – we can integrate them with other businesses, financial services, investors, government, post-secondary institutions, and anything else people need to get started and succeed.

My plan will create 50,000 new jobs for Calgarians.

We know that creating jobs stimulates the economy. But it also reduces taxes if we control our spending, reduces poverty, crime, violence, addictions and improves mental health. The research is clear.

Our City Can Do More to Create 50,000 New Jobs

  • We can build a single Eco-nomic Eco-System that encompasses government, education, communities, landlords, investors, financial institutions and businesses that operate under one focused umbrella fostering new businesses through their start up, incubation and acceleration phases.
  • We will mandate government changes to provide the support and foundational needs to help see your ideas come to fruition and to not interfere with or define what is “innovative”.
  • Create a barrier-free new business program that provides mentorship, office space, a think-tank, and infrastructure through connecting successful current businesses with people trying to get their business off the ground faster and more effectively.
  • The City of Calgary creates an opportunity for new businesses to exclusively pitch their product or service to the City to become their first client.
  • Organizations working with the City of Calgary must become part of a “Support-Local” consortium that opens doors for new businesses by becoming customers, partners, advisors, influencers, or introducers.
  • The City of Calgary mandates that any organization wanting to work with the City have a “hire local first” policy as well as a “buy local first” policy.
  • Support a central innovation district where large communities of new and exciting business work together to expand Calgary’s economy.
  • Support investors in their attempts to design and build innovative environments at locations within Calgary’s new innovation region.

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