I will create 50,000 new jobs.

We are all effected by Calgary’s record-high unemployment. Jobs are the engine that drives our economy, effects our city’s tax base, impacts poverty in obvious ways, and influences crime in a very real way. Let’s talk about how we can make immediate changes that will positively impact our families, our personal prosperity, and our city’s future here.

1. Stronger Economy

2. Lower Taxes

3. Address Poverty

4. Reduce Crime

More Jobs Builds a Stronger Economy

We are years into a lingering recession. All levels of government have hindered Calgary, stifling our economic prospects, and any meaningful job creation. Even if you have a job, you know someone who doesn’t. Calgary is suffering higher unemployment in over 30 years. Adding 50,000 new jobs in Calgary has obvious personal benefits. It also results in more people spending money in local businesses – restaurants, communities, children’s sports and clubs, retail, etc. In a thriving business economy, there are always more opportunities for jobs, homes, and quality of life. It’s what every Calgarian deserves.

More Jobs Lowers Taxes

It costs roughly $2B to operate our city on an annual basis. When more people are working, The City earns higher tax revenue from having more contributors. So, city Council sets a budget based on earning enough tax revenue from properties, businesses, and fees (energy, garbage collection, licenses, etc.). When businesses are closing at record rates, home values have taken a terrible hit, and personal bankruptcies are up, that means less people are contributing to the City’s operating budget. If we add 50,000 more jobs, open more businesses, if we prevent more people from financial loss, we will add more contributors to the City’s revenue – but each of us at lower personal contributions. More jobs means lower taxes, without cutting critical services.

More Jobs Addresses Poverty

Research shows that the incidence of poverty in Calgary is not being reduced. Over 100,000 Calgarians are living below the poverty line. Our neighbours continue to be unemployed or under employed. Reducing Calgary’s unemployment rate to below 5% will reduce poverty by 30%! Imagine what 50,000 new jobs would mean for those people having to choose between feeding their family, paying rent, or heating their home. And, the added jobs will change the incidence of homelessness, the affordable housing crisis, and the unsustainable use of Calgary’s food bank. As good neighbours, this is important to us all.

More Jobs Reduces Crime

As unemployment rises, so does crime. Throughout the world, cities with the highest levels of unemployment also have the highest crime rates. It’s no coincidence that we feel less safe in our communities now, compared to how Calgary once was. Shifting Calgary back to a North American hub of employment and entrepreneurship will bring less violence, less crime, less social unrest. Calgarians deserve a safe community. When we are all working, we will experience an immediate reduction in crime.


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